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Race Bike

We were racing motorized bicycles as a means to test our small engine parts.  Then in 2011 an "Open" class was created.  We were already in the process of installing one of our high powered (20hp) 200cc engines in a bicycle frame.  We went to the race at the Willow Springs kart track not knowing what to expect.  Our bike met the rules, we could still pedal the bike and we were using bicycle tires.  We had a hard time keeping the bike together as all the bicycle components wanted to fall apart.  We managed to keep it one piece and even made a quick trip to a welding shop for a repair before the main.  Our rider Brian Kavorick took 1st place and even managed to lap the bike that came in 2nd.  Our bike was given the name the "Monsta" bike and a new bar was set for open class motorized bicycle racing.