Rev Roller Rocker Installation

Before You Rev:
The following instructions should be read thoroughly before installation. Improper installation of your Rev Rockers may cause an unexpected failure.
The Rev Rockers are intended for use in the Honda or clone GX160 and GX200 motors. We recommend using AGK's retainers, keepers and lash caps. The push rod guide plate is NOT needed.
For installation you will need a torque wrench, 6mm allen socket, 5/32” allen key, 3/8” wrench and feeler gauge set.
Installation :
  1. Install the Rev Rockers by placing Loctite on the rockershaft bolt. Thread the rocker shaft bolts into the cylinderhead and torque to 20 ft. lbs.
  2. Valve lash needs to be set with the piston at top dead center. Use a feeler gauge to set valve lash to .005”.
  3. With a ball peen hammer you need to clearance the valve cover. A small amount of clearance is needed for the lash adjustment nut.
  4. Start and run the motor for 2 to 3 minutes. Run the engine gently.
  5. Remove the valve cover and check lash. Repeat step 2 if the valve lash changed.
  6. Repeat this break in period until the valve lash consistently measures .005”.