Gas Engine, 25hp

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Clone power has reached a new level with this 460cc big block builder prepared engine.
  • 92mm Bore x 69mm Stroke = 458cc
  • 246 Duration .260" Lift
  • Light weight flat top piston
  • 4.51" Billet Connecting Rod w/Bearings
  • Chromoly Pushrods
  • 35lb Heavy Duty Valve Springs
  • 10:1 Compression
  • 0.026" MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) Head gasket Included - The strongest head gasket on the market!
  • Adjustable Tuned Carb Included
  • 1" Shaft with 1/4" Keyway
  • No Rev Limiter or Governor
  • Heavy Duty 10-Bolt Engine Block (Modified Extra-Thick & Reinforced Casting) - The strongest clone engine block on the market!
  • Isolator with Pulse Fitting Installed (No need to drill and tap your isolator to get engine vacuum to your fuel pump!)
  • 91 Octane Recommended
  • Engine does not come with an electric-starter. Due to an elevated compression ratio,use of an electric start is not recommended.
  • Not included in the kit:
  • Air filter assembly
  • Exhaust
  • Electric start (not recommended due to increased compression)
  • Clutch
  • Fuel tank
  • Billet flywheel recommended. Comes with cast steel flywheel.
Ask about availability before placing an order for the 460 engine.  These are constantly going in and out of stock.  Please allow 5-7 business days to process 460cc orders for shipping. All the custom built staged engines above can be built with this 460cc for an extra cost.