Azusa Mini Bike Build-Up

The following is just a guide to help you follow the manufacturers instructions which are included with the kit.
After your mini bike kit has been removed from it's packaging you should oranize all of the contents on a clean work space. The first step would be to paint your frame and forks. When you are ready to start your building the mini bike follow the manufacturers instructions included with the kit. The first step for our Azusa mini bike was to install the forks.
Here we have assembled the front rim and tire. Adding a very small amount of air in the innertube takes the wrinkles out of the tube and help prevent pinching the tube when assembling the two piece rims.
The drum/sprocket gets mounted to the rear rim and tire.
Now we have installed the front rim on the forks. Position the rim spacers so the tire is positioned in the center of the forks.
The rear rim gets mounted with the drum brake assembly. Position the rim spacers so the tire is centered between the frame.
The brake lever gets mounted on the left side handlebar.
We install the barrell end of the brake cable into the lever.
The cable retainer has been installed on the rear brake drum assembly.
The brake cable and return spring have been installed with the cam arm. We had to change the position of the cam arm a couple times to get the correct amount of pull on the handlebar mounted brake lever.
The grip gets installed on the handlebar next.
Here we have installed the throttle assembly on the right side handlebar.
Now the seat gets installed.
Foot pegs are bolted up.
We installed a Harbor Freight 6.5hp clone engine in our mini bike. The newer model engines have a taller fuel tank and cap which do not fit inside the frame. Some have modified the tank to fit.
We relocated the stock tank to the top of the frame rails. We used two insulated loop clamps which wrapped around the frame tubes and bolted to the studs on the bottom of the tank. We also made a small bracket that mounted to the rear of the tank and one of the seat mounting bolts.
The last thing to install is the chain guard, clutch and chain. We adjusted the chain, added oil, fuel and went for a test ride. Let us know if you have any questions about your mini bike build.