Throttle Linkage Kit & Instructions

This page has a few possibilities for your throttle linkage setup. The first series of pictures shows the installation of our throttle linkage kit p/n 18190. The second series of pictures shows a linkage you can fabricate when the governor has been removed along with the stock fuel tank and air filter box. Check out both throttle linkage designs to see which fits your needs the best.
For the sake of this article, we'll call this the throttle lever and throttle plate.
The stock throttle rod is shown on top and pictured on the bottom is a throttle rod that has been modified for this kit. If you plan to keep the governor in the engine you will not need this short throttle rod we supply. Only use the short throttle rod for engines that have the governor removed.
Start by installing the modified throttle rod into the throttle lever. There is a small tab on the throttle lever which is bent downward and already has a hole for the throttle rod to fit into. You do not need to remove the throttle plate to do this. Skip this step if your engine has the governor. You can keep the stock throttle rod attached.
With a pair of needle nose pliers you can install the opposite end of the throttle rod into the carburetor. Again, this step can be skipped if your engine has the governor. You will keep the stock throttle rod in place. Only use the short throttle rod for engines with the governor removed.
Now you can install the "L" shaped bracket for the return spring. This bracket is secured by the bolt that holds the front of the throttle plate in place.
Next install the the "L" shaped bracket which holds the conduit retainer. If you are going to use the stock air box on your engine, you will need to mount this bracket underneath the throttle plate (as pictured) in order for the top of the bracket to clear the air box.
Now install the conduit retainer onto the "L" shaped bracket. Position the jam nuts in a way that will allow you adjustment forward or back if needed.
Install the throttle cable into the conduit retainer.
The wire swivel stop fits nicely in the throttle lever. You don't need to remove the throttle plate. Hold the wire swivel stop in place with one hand while you thread the throttle cable into it with the other hand.
Throttle cable installed.
Install the return spring. Use needle nose pliers to hook the spring on the "L" shaped bracket and the tab on the throttle lever. Then twist the ends of the spring with the needle nose pliers to ensure the spring cannot come off.
Your throttle kit is now installed.
Check your throttle to make sure the return spring closes the throttle lever completely. Ours did not even want to open until we loosened the nut that secures the throttle lever to the throttle plate.
Once we were able to open the throttle we realized it did not close all the way because the throttle lever was hitting the adjustment screw on the throttle plate. Using the needle nose pliers we bent the adjustment screw tab upward slightly.
With those two minor adjustments our throttle linkage was working beautifully!
This throttle linkage kit fits nicely under the stock air filter box.
The following information shows you how to create a simple yet effective throttle linkage for little to no money. This system works best when the stock air filter box and fuel tank have been removed along with the governor removal.
The picture to the left shows the basic design we use to create a simple and efficient throttle linkage. We have a throttle rod on the left which is connected to the carburetor. The pivot arm in the middle is bolted to the fan shroud with a nylon spacer in between. The throttle rod and return spring are connected to the pivot arm on one side and on the opposite of the pivot arm is the throttle cable.
When the governor is removed from your engine, you no longer need the hand throttle setup. We remove the entire hand throttle assembly. Save the parts because you will use some of them to make a new throttle setup.
Here are the parts we use to make our own throttle linkage. The three parts on the left are from the original throttle system. The parts on the right can be purchased at most hardware stores for a couple dollars. Or you can use our throttle linkage kit in conjunction with this do-it-yourself linkage system.
We put the stock throttle rod into the carburetor first. This helps us determine where to place the pivot arm on the fan shroud. The stock pivot arm has been cut on the side where the nut and bolt was originally located. We use the small hole on the opposite side of the pivot arm for the throttle rod and return spring. After the pivot arm is in place you can find a good location for the throttle cable mount.
There are many ways to setup your throttle. We hope this information gives you a good idea of how you can create your own inexpensive, easy and effective throttle linkage.

Completed Throttle Linkages: