Jetting the stock carburetor

The most common upgrades to these clone engines are a high flow air filter and a free flowing exhaust.  Now that you've made all this additional air go in and out of your engine you need to add fuel in order to take advantage of the incoming air.  To do this we install a larger main jet.  The most popular sizes we sell are #88, 90 & 92.  Once you increase the fuel to match the air flow you will have a stronger running engine.  Pictured here is a stock 6.5hp carburetor.
You start by removing the bowl from the carb.  Use a 10mm wrench to take the bolt off the bottom.  Then you will just lower the bowl off the carb.  Take care as to not damage the bowl gasket.
Here you can see the bowl removed.  
The main jet is located up inside this tube.  Here you can see we have a slender flat blade screwdriver in there to remove the main jet.
Now the main jet is out followed by the emulsion tube.  The main jet holds the emulsion tube in the carb.  This is a good time to upgrade to a GX140 emulsion tube.  So now all you do is put the emulsion tube back in followed by your new main jet and put the bowl back on.