Affordable Go Karts began in 2005.  I wanted to learn how to weld so I purchased a welder.  I decided my first welding project would be a go kart.  I had no welding experience at the time and never built a go kart before but managed to put together this 2 seater.
The kids had a blast with this kart.  Plans to build another go kart for Dad were quickly in the works and go karting became an instant passion.
This old Emmick kart was my first go kart purchase and I still have it today.  I purchased the clone engine you see on it not having any idea this was a Honda clone which was about to become very popular!
I soon met a guy in Simi Valley CA who had a bullring oval in his backyard.  He had a race about every other weekend.
I was invited to come out and race with them and immediately became hooked.  Still new to karting in 2005 I began doing a lot of research and continued to develop my welding skills on many kart related projects.
Growing up around hot rods helped a lot. I knew I needed a better intake and exhaust setup on my engine.  One of the first parts to go into production when AGK became a business was this carb adapter.  I made one for myself first, then my new racing buddies, then started selling them on ebay.
The exhaust we used at the backyard track couldn't be too loud.  I decided to fabricate my own Flowmaster muffler and header.  I found an inside view of a Flowmaster online and made a miniature version for my kart.
Soon I stepped up to this Nemesis offset kart in 2006.  By this time I was selling a handful of different parts on ebay.  The parts were becoming popular and I had requests for new parts so the product line started growing.
Business was growing and it was time to build a website.  This was the header for our first website in 2007.
The popularity of the clone was increasing rapidly.  My garage became a clone engine shop.  I was making parts and building engines, sometimes working through the night after my full time job ended.
AGK became so busy and went from a hobby to a full time job.  We moved from my garage to a warehouse and even opened a retail store in Santa Barbara.  We hired employees and sold a lot of parts!
After years of growth and an ever expanding inventory, divorce struck and shifted AGK in a new direction.  Property was devided, times were tough and AGK became a part time hobby again.
Fast forward a few more years and here we are having fun with new projects such as this racing inspired motorized bicycle.
There are a number of creations we're proud of.  This is our very first motorized bicycle we built.  We went straight to a 6.5hp clone engine.  If we were not the first to do this in 2007 we were certainly one of the first.
We built this Radio Flyer wagon in 2007.
Our first twin engine go kart.  This was an Azusa Fun Kart chassis we modified.
The first ever AWD go kart was built by us.
This is our first motorized bike with a built clone engine.  This bike was given the name the "Monsta" by the race promoter after it's first race.
We built the engine on this Bonneville motor bike which broke a record it's first time on the salt.  We were proud to be part of the Sportsman Flyer team to help make a recording breaking bicycle a reality.
There are so many AGK projects that have been built we could never list them all.  We have gears running in our heads and oil running through our veins.  We'll continue to build and create for as long as we can hold a wrench and a welding torch.