212cc Predator Info

The 212cc Predator is a very popular engine sold by Harbor Freight.  If you Google "Harbor Freight 20% Off Coupon" you can use that to get a 212cc Predator for about $100 if combined with a sale.  The low cost and the fact these Predator engines are pretty solid clones of the Honda, contribute to their popularity.


There are two versions of the 212cc Predator.  Knowing which version you have is important when ordering parts.  The original 212cc Predators were available to everyone.  After a couple years the original engine became the California only, EPA/CARB certified engine known as the Non-Hemi Predator.  The second version is the Hemi Head Predator which is available to everyone except California.

Some parts fit both the Hemi and non-Hemi Predator engines.  Other parts will not interchange between the two engines.  Some of the Honda parts fit these engines and some don't which adds to the complexity when trying to order parts.


If your valve cover looks like this, you have the original and/or current California (non-Hemi) version.  This is a stamped steel valve cover very similar to what you find on the Honda's.
If your valve cover looks like this you have the Hemi version of the Predator.  This valve cover is cast aluminum.

Part Fits Non-Hemi Fits Hemi Notes
12350 - air filter adapter Yes Yes Requires one longer carb stud 18200.
20350 - main jet Yes Yes #88, #90 & #92 are the most common sizes when a high flow air filter is used.
Honda exhaust Yes Yes Bolt holes need just a little filing for a good fit.
18240 - billet rod Yes Yes This rod fits both 212's.
14240 - 265 cam Yes No The non-Hemi uses cams found on our 212cc Predator page.
14230 - 265 cam No Yes The Hemi uses the Honda camshafts.
18410 - billet flywheel Yes No This flywheel only fits the non-Hemi engine.
18420 - billet flywheel No Yes This flywheel only fits the Hemi engine.
20340 - head gasket Yes Yes The Honda head gaskets do not fit the 212cc Predator.


If you have any other questions about the 212cc Predator feel free to contact us:  tech@affordablegokarts.com