Adjust Spark Plug Gap

A larger spark plug gap will create a larger spark and make more power.  The problem is, if you make the gap too large the spark will not jump that gap.  Setting the gap at .035" is larger than the stock pre-gap a typical spark plug comes with however you can go further if you feel like experimenting with this.  Keep in mind, the larger the gap, the harder the coil has to work.
What you have here is the ground electrode which is the curved metal strap and the end of the plug and you have the center electrode which is that round nub reaching toward the ground electrode.  Our gapping tool is in the background.  The gap we are referring to is the distance between the ground electrode and the center electrode.  The NGK plugs we sell are pre-gapped to about .030".  We open that gap to create a larger spark from our plug.
Our tool has a slot which allows us to gently open the gap on our plug.
There are a few different types of spark plug gapping tools.  Ours has these wires which are different thicknesses.  Here we are fitting the .034" wire in the gap.  You can experiment with different gaps.  We've gone as large as .045".