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79cc Predator, motorized bicycle, motorized bike -

Michael Cerasa went the 29'r route with motorized bicycle build.  His cruiser is powered by a modified 79cc Predator.  We love clean top tubes with the absence of a fuel tank mounted on them.  This bike has a tank mounted under the saddle bags.  Super clean beach cruiser with big 29" tires!

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49cc, gxh50, motorized bicycle, motorized bike -

Paul built his motorized bicycle with things we like to see such as an in-frame tank, suspension forks, disc brake, proper gearing and a clean exhaust that isn't going to disturb the neighbors.  Looks like the bike is comfortable too with the suspension seat post and tall handlebars.  Keeping it all black gives the bike a nice sleek, clean look.  Nice build Paul!

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