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Jonathan from Revolving Garage built a very cool budget minded motorized bike with a 212cc Predator engine.  He was able to put the bike together very quickly and enter a race put on by SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing.  This is a limited edition Foose Beach Cruiser.  Jonathan used light weight, 3 spoke rims with a large brake rotor on the front and a pit bike brake caliper.  The very cool handlebars provide a low riding position.  The 212 has been modified by Jonathan with the parts allowed for the spec class.  The bike uses a jackshaft for gear reduction and it...

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This 79cc engine has a high flow air filter, our throttle linkage kit, header and a jackshaft for some gear reduction.  The bike goes 35 mph with the governor installed.  With this setup it's not unreasonable to think you could get 100 miles on a gallon of gas.

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