Wide Crank Set

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A wide crank set is used with 79cc or 212cc motorized bicycles so the pedals will clear the engine.  This versatile kit utilizes a 12" keyed shaft which rides on precision bearings.  The bearing hangers in this kit should be welded to the bottom bracket however bolt-on may be possible.  Lock collars prevent side to side movement of the axle.  The short 5-1/2" cranks get keyed to the shaft and secured with a bolt and washer at the end of the threaded shaft.  The cranks accept 9/16 pedals.  The optional 5/8" mini hub can be secured to the keyed shaft at any location which provides a huge convenience for lining up the drive sprocket with the driven sprocket on your rear wheel.  We have also converted some of our bikes to #35 chain for the pedal side and we can use a small #35 engine sprocket (p/n 16440) in tight clearance situations.  Click below the bottom picture to see additional pictures of this kit.